6 Things To Remember If You’re Single This Christmas

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With Christmas a few days away, it’s been on my heart to share a few ways I get through holidays as a single lady. Now don’t get me wrong. Most days I actually enjoy being single. Having the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I damn well, please? Check. However, I’ll be honest and admit the holidays can be rough without a partner. Is it just me, or do displays of affection seem to intensify during the holidays?! Between the engagements, baby announcements and *picture perfect* family Christmas cards, it can be difficult to show up to a holiday party solo. Today I wanted to share 5 things to remember if you’re single on Christmas – from me to you!

1) Recognize your loved ones who are present

It can be easy to sulk over your single status during the holidays. But Christmas is a time to celebrate love. Love shared between family members. Among friends. Whoever you’re blessed to spend Christmas with (even if they can drive you up the wall), take the time to recognize their presence. Cherish the memories being made, no matter how small. Give extra long hugs. Take pictures. Put your phone down. Laugh. Spread joy. Watch faces as they light up opening gifts. Take in the happy moments.

2) Know you’re not alone

Even though it may seem like everyone and their mother has a partner all around you, remember Christmas can be a difficult time for many – even with a significant other. Some may spend their entire day desperately missing a family member. Some may not even have a family to spend Christmas with. You’re not alone in your feelings. They are valid and shared among many.

3) Allow yourself to feel emotions

One of the worst things we can do is suppress our emotions. Especially during the holidays. We’re already under enough stress as it is. If you feel like you need to cry, or shout, or punch your pillow – do it! Throw yourself a pity party prior to the Christmas party. Get all of that junk out of your system so when the big day arrives all that’s left is a bunch of love and happiness.

4) Talk about it

If you’re struggling during the holidays, tell a trusted friend or family member. Bitch it out. Cry it out. Verbalizing your feelings can release a weight off your shoulders. Being supported by a loved one will remind you that you’re never truly alone. You’re loved. Cherish this love.

5) Treat yourself

One of the best perks of being single on Christmas… the money you save from gifting your significant other. Take that money and buy yourself the nicest gift you can afford. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi. Get that Gucci purse you’ve had your eyes on. Plan a trip down South. Adopt a furry friend. Gift yourself something that makes you happy. Because you deserve it, girlfriend!

6) Plan a wicked New Years Eve

When all else fails, plan a super fun New Years Eve. So Christmas Day may be crap. But NYE… that’s for the girls. Start a group chat with your best single pals and plan a fun night out. Dress up cute and be carefree. Let guys buy you drinks. Or don’t. Dance the night away. Or stay in with the girls your PJs and binge watch your favorite Netflix series. Don’t forget the rosé!

I’ll be thinking of all my single girls this Christmas. Remember, if you need someone to talk with I’m always here! Email me at mashelle.blog@gmail.com – I’d love to share some words of encouragement with you. 

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