The Best Date Ideas Under $25

Try out these affordable date ideas!

Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Mash Elle shares the best affordable Valentine's Day date ideas under $25

Whether you’re in a new relationship or you’ve been married for years – dates are important to keep your relationship fun and exciting. I wanted to share some fun affordable date ideas I’ve dreamed up 10 budget-friendly date ideas ALL under $25 for you and your partner!

1) Picnic for Two

Nothing screams romance like a picnic for two! Get creative and pack a lunch with heart-shaped PB&J sandwiches, colourful fruit salad, brie and croissants and chocolate dipped strawberries.. yum! Don’t forget a blanket for snuggles! 

Bonus points: Acoustic guitar serenades, chocolate covered anything.

Budget For: Groceries + Gas

Total Cost: Approx. $25

2) Go On A Hike

If you are an active couple, an unexplored hiking trail may be right up your alley. Research a do-able hiking trail nearby (i.e the 4 hour trail may not be for you) and lace up your hiking shoes! Make sure to bring some seeds for the birds and squirrels!

Bonus points: Carve your initials into a tree, document on Instagram.

Budget For: Snacks + Gas

Total Cost: Approx. $15

3) Kayaking/Canoeing 

Speaking of outdoor dates – if you live in a warm(ish) location kayaking and canoeing are totally awesome date options! Opt for a sunset kayak for some serious oohs and awes. Bring some bread and feed the ducks. Challenge him with a race and the winner cooks dinner!

Bonus points: Get caught in the rain and re-create the scene from the Notebook.

Budget For: Gas, Kayak Rental

Total Cost: Approx. $25

4) Spa Night In

If you’d rather stay in and relax, treat each other to a spa session. Gather some massage oil, freshly cut cucumbers and face masks. If your dude is new to the whole spa experience – pamper him first and show him how its done. First, turn on your favorite TV series on Netflix. Light some candles. Then, teach him how to apply a face mask (you can pick some up for under $1 at the drugstore) and give him a massage. When his turn is up, tell him to repeat the same process on you!

Bonus points: Rose petals. Everywhere.

Budget For: Face Masks, Candles, Massage Oil

Total Cost: Approx. $15

5) Drive In Movie

If you’re a couple who enjoy movies – spice things up and go to the closest drive-in movie theatre. Pop your own popcorn and bring a few chocolate bars. Open your moonroof and gaze at the stars. Be cute and stuff.

Bonus points: Hold hands and make out like teenagers. 

Budget For: Snacks, Gas, Movie Tickets

Total Cost: Approx. $25

6) Visit a Flea Market

Go on a treasure hunt! Locate your local flea market and buy some cool vintage pieces. Flea markets are an amazing place to find DIY projects. Buy an old chair and completely re-invent it! Take pictures. Talk about your favorite memories together. Share a hotdog and curly fries.

Bonus points: Buy each other matching bracelets.

Budget For: Gas, Vintage Trinkets

Total Cost: Approx. $15

7) Try Out a Partner Yoga Class

Time to get your Namaste on! The healing power of yoga is incredible. Not only does it increase flexibility, build muscle strength, improves your balance, increases blood flow and boosts your immune system – it can be mentally cleansing. Practising yoga with your partner can also be a spiritual experience. To keep cost down, attend a donation based yoga class. You will love it!

Bonus points: Try out your favorite yoga poses at home.

Budget For: Yoga Passes, Gas

Total Cost: Approx. $25

8) Visit a Museum

Museums are a fun place to learn together. And a couple who learns together, stays together. Whether its a war museum, art museum or museum of nature – bring a camera, get your geek on and get into it!

Bonus points: Create a scavenger hunt. First to find everything on the list in the museum is treated to homemade dinner!

Budget For: Museum Tickets, Gas

Total Cost: Approx. $15

9) Beach Trip

If all else fails, hit the beach! Grab your bikini, sunscreen and a towel and head to your favourite beach. The beach can be a mental cleanse. Participate in the art of relaxation with your partner. Be lazy. Bring some homemade lemonade! Live in a winter wonderland? Even better! Go skating on the closest lake!

Bonus points: Draw your initials in the sand, document on Instagram.

Budget For: Snacks + Gas

Total Cost: Approx. $15

10) Cook a Romantic Dinner In

You can never go wrong with a romantic dinner in with your bae. Celebrate each other with some good ol’ fashioned meal and conversation. Reminisce on your favourite adventures together. Make a bucket list of future adventures. As for the meal? Keep it super fun and easy and grab an old faithful. Yum!

Bonus points: Set a romantic mood with your favorite candles!

Budget For: Groceries, Candles

Total Cost: Approx. $25


Do you have any affordable date ideas to add to the list?

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