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You asked – I answer! Here are the most common questions I receive. Have a question about me! Shoot me an email at

Where did ‘Mash Elle’ come from?

Funny enough, Mash Elle was a Facebook alias I created awhile back. My real name is Michelle, but you can call me Mash if you like!

Where do you live?

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada but grew tired of the frigid winters. In 2013 I decided to treat myself to a large dose of sunshine and moved to Orlando, Florida. My mom was born and raised in Florida, so I am lucky enough to be a Canadian/American duel citizen. Click here to find out why I love calling Orlando home!

How tall are you?

I am 5’10 and known to my friends as a friendly giant. Heels put me at 6’2. Hear me rawr.

What is your academic background?

I received my communications degree in Ottawa at Carleton University and Masters of Communication at the University of Ottawa. I am a nerd at heart.

What is your job?

I have been blogging full time since January 2016. I am so blessed to have my dream job at such a young age!

What are your hobbies?

Traveling, yoga, arts + crafting, coffee drinking, nail painting, dog walking, music festival fangirling, Starbucks-ing, beach-ing, shopping, biking, daydreaming.

What camera + lenses do you use?

I use my beloved Canon 6D with this lens for fashion photoshoots and this lens for product shots! I love both lenses as they are super affordable and create crisp, professional quality photos. 

What program do you use to edit your photos?

I use Adobe Photoshop to edit photos. I also use PicMonkey to make my photos Pinterest friendly!

How long have you been blogging?

5 years! What began as a hobby to chronicle my travels unexpectedly turned into a career! My very first post is a recap of a trip I took to California with my girlfriends!

Is your hair real? What hair products do you use?

My hair is 100% real, no extensions! I attribute my healthy hair to using top of the line hair products targeting dry, damaged, coloured hair and washing it every every 3-4 days at most. I also swear by this hair dryer. Yes, it’s worth the money. Yes, your hair will feel like silk.

What is the secret to your beachy curls?

It’s simple. This curling wand. It is hands down the best curling wand I have ever used. I promise you, it is worth the investment. My curls last 3 days without any touch up! Living in the Florida heat, that is pretty darn impressive. I use the 1 1/4″ barrel. If you’re looking to save money, you can also purchase this curling wand and purchase the additional barrels at a later time.

What advice would you give to new bloggers?

Stay true to yourself. Show your heart. Be patient. Don’t do it for the money. Show everyone what makes you special. You have a voice – now use it! Make sure to check out this post on how to start up a successful blog and this post for blogging tools to stay organized and efficient!

Are you addicted to Starbucks?

Yes. The Starbucks mermaid is my spirit animal. You can often find me in my local Starbucks blogging. As for my order? I’ll take a grande Pink Drink, light ice. Thanks boo!



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