How To Treat Yourself (Under $10!)

Keep scrolling to see how to treat yourself to some TLC on the cheap. 

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When in doubt, treat yo self girl! If you’ve been following my blog for even the shortest amount of time you’ll know I’m a huge advocate of self-love. We live in a society where stress and anxiety are at an all-time high, especially among young women. It’s becoming increasingly obvious we need to make it a priority to slow down and take time for ourselves. So, here’s your reminder girlfriend: do something for yourself. I understand not everyone has the time or funds to escape to an exotic island and lay on the beach. Today I’m sharing five ways to treat yourself for $10 or less. That’s right, now you really have no excuse but to show that cute body the love it deserves!

1) Plan an afternoon at the bookstore

I don’t know about you, but reading in a bookstore is one of my favorite pastimes. With bookstores on the decline (*tear*) this novelty is even more special when you find a hidden gem. Libraries will also do the trick. Remember those? Oh yes, the quiet murmurs always relaxed me. Take an afternoon to yourself, pour some homemade coffee (bonus points if you add pumpkin spice) into a tumbler and read a book in the bookstore.

Cost: $10 for a book of your choice 

2) Grab a sweet treat 

Every girl deserves a sweet treat once in a while. I can remember walking through the mall with my mom as a kid and smelling the sweet, sweet smell of Cinnabon cinnamon buns dancing in the air. We’d both split a cinnamon bun and lick our fingers clean! To this day, my mouth still salivates when passing by a Cinnabon and to make matters worse, they’ve added a ton of new savory goods! My favorite is still the Cinnabon Classic Roll (comes in packages of multiples so you can also treat your loved ones!) with extra frosting. Yes, please. Their iced coffee lineup is also drool-worthy (they have a cinnamon roll cold brew iced coffee… need I say more?!). It’s nice to escape the world of adulting and enter a blissful state of mind, cinnamon bun in hand.

Cost: $7 for an iced coffee + cinnamon bun 

3) DIY spa night with the girls 

Sometimes a fun girls night is just what you need to feel rejuvenated. Invite a couple girlfriends over and binge watch your favorite show (just saying Outlander is where it’s at) or comedy (does Mean Girls or The Parent Trap ever get old?!). Paint each other’s nails. Put on face masks. Put on hair masks. Make some popcorn. Whatever you do, avoid talking about work at all costs. This is a night of relaxation!

Cost: $9 for a face mask, nail polish, hair mask, popcorn

4) Turn your phone off and go outside

Most of us have become addicted to our phones. Is there an app that records how many hours a day you spend on your phone? I’d be scared to see the results. One of the most therapeutic things you can do is shut off your phone for an hour a day. During this time, get some fresh air! Whether you go for a bike ride, practice yoga or go for a walk – you’ll instantly feel refreshed. Plus, it will get your circulation going and up those endorphins which will up your overall mood and energy.

Cost: $0 for a healthy dose of nature 

5) Play a board game

Can we talk about how underrated board games are?! They’re super fun and bond new friends. Board game lounges and cafes seem to be popping up everywhere and I’m a fan. Invite some friends out and challenge them to a game! It’s a great way to keep the atmosphere light (unless you’re playing monopoly…) and talk to that cute guy you’ve been eyeing. Google the board game lounge or cafe closest to you and plan a night out!

Cost: $9 for a drink (optional)

How do you practice self-love and treat yourself?


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