How To Care For Your Eyelash Extensions

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I got eyelash extensions, now what? One of the best beauty decisions of my life: eyelash extensions. It’s safe to say I’m hooked. A few months ago I wrote a blog post on my experience with eyelash extensions and it continues to be one of my most viewed beauty posts. To continue this conversation, I opened up my instastories once again for questions on how to maintain eyelash extensions. Keep reading to see how I prolong the lifetime of my lash extensions and how I keep my natural eyelashes healthy with DIME Beauty’s Eyelash Boost Serum.

I got eyelash extensions for the first time. How should they feel on my lashes?

First off, congrats on your new gorgeous lashes! You can expect to feel added weight on your natural lashes for the first little while. It took me about a week to get used to this new sensation, but after the first week, I never felt them again! Your eyes should look healthy and there should be no signs of irritation. If your eyes or eyelids are itchy, bumpy, or red – go back to your esthetician ASAP and get them checked out. You may be having an allergic reaction to the lash glue or the extensions themselves. Pro tip: if you have sensitive eyes, stay clear of real mink lashes. They’re known to be an irritant. Always stick with synthetic mink or silk lashes.  

Help! I want to wear eye makeup but don’t want to jeopardize the longevity of my lashes.

Sister, I’m with ya! Wearing zero eye makeup isn’t in the cards for me. Sorry, not sorry. While you should avoid using mascara at all costs, you can still wear eyeliner and eyeshadow. Pro tip: Make sure to only use eyeliners that are oil-free (oil will break down the eyelash glue).

Do I need to take a break in between fills once I start?

My eyelash esthetician recommends giving your natural eyelashes a break once a month per year.

My natural eyelashes are short and thin but I want long, voluminous lashes. What do I do?

As mentioned before, if you want the “dramatic” eyelash effect, you’ll need to have long, thick lashes to support the weight of the extensions. Not all of us are blessed with naturally long and thick lashes. The good news: using eyelash serum daily can improve the length and thickness of your natural lashes. I started using DIME Beauty’s Eyelash Boost Serum (only $19.55!) for the past 3 weeks to improve the health of my natural lashes. After using baby shampoo to clean my eyelids and eyelashes, I simply apply the formula directly to the base of my eyelashes. The tiny applicator makes it easy to apply the serum as close to the root of my eyelashes as possible. This eyelash serum is a non-irritating treatment (safe for sensitive skin!) and doesn’t burn or itch. After 3 weeks I started to notice my eyelashes growing in thicker at the base, especially in the center of my eye (where my eyelashes are longest). Happy dance! 

Mash Elle beauty blogger | eyelash extensions | how to care for eyelash extensions | keep eyelashes healthy | false eyelashes

I consulted with my lash esthetician and she noticed my eyelashes were stronger at the base, allowing me to wear longer eyelash extensions with no damage to my natural eyelashes. I’m a huge fan of long eyelash extensions as they make my eyes appear larger! As for the serum itself – it is safe to use on even the most sensitive skin as it is paraben free, sulfate free and non-comedogenic. Main ingredients are derived from plants, including water, red clover extract, glycerin, and acetyl tetrapeptide-3. It’s a combination of signal peptides and red clover extract improve eyelash density, number, and length. It also includes potassium sorbate (from fruit), oat extract and antioxidant properties. Bonus: it is cruelty-free and USA-made! I’m excited to see further results as I continue to use this eyelash serum!

My real eyelashes are falling out, what’s the deal? 

If the eyelash application is done correctly, your natural eyelashes should not fall out. An eyelash technician is trained to examine your natural lashes and determine the weight/length of extensions your natural eyelashes can tolerate. If you have short, thin eyelashes avoid the “dramatic” lash look – aka super long, thick lashes. You’ll also want to stay clear of 3D, 4D and 5D lashes. What are 3D lashes? When 3 extensions are glued together and placed on one single natural eyelash. They will be heavier on your lashes and will cause more wear and tear. You guessed it – 4D lashes have 4 lashes glued together and 5D is 5 lashes glued together. 

I don’t wear eye makeup. Can I just rinse my eyelashes with water to keep them clean? 

Whether you wear eye makeup or not, you’ll need to rinse your eyelashes with baby shampoo every morning and night. Oil from your skin, mixed with pollution and dust in the air can collect on your eyelashes, which can attract bacteria. Trust me, you don’t want to fool around with the health of your eyes. Suck it up and gently rinse your eyelashes with baby shampoo and rinse them dry. It will take approximately 2 minutes and protect the health of your eyes and eyelash extensions. 

Mash Elle beauty blogger | eyelash extensions | how to care for eyelash extensions | keep eyelashes healthy | false eyelashes

Does sleeping on your side affect your eyelash extensions?

Believe it or not – if you sleep on your side your eyelash extensions are likely to come off faster on the side you sleep on. The friction created from your extensions and your pillow will loosen the eyelash glue. The only solution- sleep on your back!

How do I know when it’s time for a fill?

Only you will know when it’s time to go in for a fill. Some girls who prefer their lashes at max volume at all times go in once every two weeks! If you’re more laid back (or downright lazy) like I am – I tend to go in when my eyelashes are starting to look uneven. I always lose more lashes on my right eye (I sleep on my right side) so where there is a noticeable difference between my left and right eyelashes I’ll go in!

Once I start extensions do I have to continue getting fills?

Absolutely not! You can get eyelash extensions once and then never again. If eyelash extensions aren’t for you, but you want longer, thicker eyelashes I’d highly recommend using an eyelash serum (like me!) to improve your natural eyelashes. You can use it every night before bed. 

More about eyelash serum (and why you need it!):

As I previously mentioned, I’ve been using DIME Beauty’s Eyelash Boost Serum to strengthen and lengthen my natural lashes. The beauty of this serum is it can be used by those who rock their natural eyelashes (giving you longer, thicker eyelashes) or those who wear eyelash extensions (giving you longer, thicker eyelashes allowing you to build a stronger foundation for long extensions). If you’re interested in trying out the eyelash serum, you can sign up for a FREE 3-MONTH MEMBERSHIP to DIME Beauty to access a membership price of $19.99 (originally $100). This membership will also allow you to shop beauty products at cost! If you’re unsatisfied with your membership you can cancel anytime before the 3 months is up!


To read about my experience with eyelash extensions – click hereThank you to DIME Beauty for sponsoring today’s discussion. As usual, all opinions are mine alone. 

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