5 Easy Ways To Bring Damaged Hair Back To Life

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We’ve all been there. Our hair is a hot mess and in desperate need of some TLC.  Whether it’s split ends, frizzy untamable locks, zero volume or all of the above – there is hope! Not only is my super hair long (it’s currently the longest it’s ever been!) it’s also bleached to high heavens. Balayage is real cute and all, but my hair is over it. So, I’m taking a few steps to reviving my beloved mane. Keep reading for 5 easy hacks to bringing tried and dull hair back to life. Ps. make sure to keep reading until the end to see my final results of my 30-day Nexxus hair challenge!

fall outfit | best Stuart Weitzman over the knee dupes | best otk boots that stay up | cute fall fashion 1. Hair masks.

Chances are if your hair is damaged it’s also super dehydrated. Between hot styling tools, exposure to harmful UV rays and distressing bleach and/or dye – it’s a wonder our hair doesn’t fall out completely! First things first, your hair needs some hydration. Just like your body needs H20 to survive, your hair needs nutrients to repair itself. Hair masks are essential. Treat yourself to a highly rated hair mask and apply it once a week. How to use a hair mask: apply a generous amount of hair treatment to dry hair. Tie it up in a bun and let it sit for 30 minutes. Rinse out completely and watch your hair come back to life!

2. Take a break from hairdryers. 

You’re gonna hate this one. Heck, I hate this one! Hairdryers are huge timesavers, especially for us gals with ultra long locks. However, the direct heat is harmful to your hair. If your hair is damaged, try to let your hair air dry for 3-4 weeks. This is much easier during warm months (ie. summer). If you can’t go without a hairdryer, let your hair air dry as much as possible (while you’re getting ready for the day!) then blow dry it. Bonus hack: take a break from all hot tools! This includes curling wands, straighteners etc. Let your natural curls shine! If your hair is a frizzy mess (like me!) put it up in a bun or braid your hair.

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3. Invest in a silk pillowcase.

A what? Yes, a silk pillowcase. You know when you wake up in the morning and you have a serious case of bedhead? Silk pillowcases are specifically designed to combat bedhead and help retain your hair’s shape and shine. Moreover, the silky surface aids in cutting down the amount of hair breakage! They’re kind of a dream. Bonus hack: silk pillowcases are also designed to minimize wrinkles and sleep crease! Don’t worry, they won’t mess up your home decor. Silk pillowcases are available in a ton of cute colors, inducing pink blush!

4. Get a trim. 

No matter how healthy your hair is, chances are you’ll collect some nasty split ends over time. Trims are important as they get rid of damaged ends, making your hair look healthier overall. Love your love hair? Don’t worry, trimming less than an inch of hair will do the trick! As for how often to get a trim – this depends on the health of your hair. If you have beached and/or dyed hair you’ll need to go in for a trim more often. I’d suggest going in every 8-12 weeks. If your hair isn’t colored, keep an eye out for split ends. If you start finding a bunch – it’s time for a trim!

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5. Stick to a shampoo and conditioner that work.

When you find a good thing, stick with it. That relationship advice can also be applied to haircare. The products you put on your hair are perhaps the most effective hack to restoring damaged hair. As y’all know, I was challenged by Nexxus to exclusively use Nexxus hair products for 30 days. So what exactly have I been using? I’ve been applying the Nexxus Therappe shampoo and Nexxus Humectress conditioner to my hair every 3-4 days along with the Nexxus Promend Leave-In Creme for Hair Prone To Split Ends. After 30-days, my hair definitely feels more silky and smooth. My hair began as a frizzy mess. My hair is less frizzy (the Nexxus Frizz Defy Finishing Mist has been a huge help!) and styles easier. The caviar and protein complex in the shampoo and conditioner give my hair the added hydration and TLC it needed! I’d highly recommend this haircare system for anyone with damaged hair. All products can be found at your local Target!


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Let me know if you decide to take the 30-day Nexxus challenge! I’d love to know your results! 

Photos by Ashley Brooke 

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