Mythical Magic: Unicorn Makeup Tutorial

Can you believe Halloween is only 3 weeks away?! Where did the time go! I’m one of those girls who have been enthralled by unicorns since I was a kid. In my opinion, unicorns never go out of style – but they’re been making headlines again lately (does anyone remember the Starbucks unicorn frappuccino?!). Marie and I decided to challenge ourselves to create a magical, yet wearable makeup look. I received an overwhelming amount of requests for makeup looks using drugstore makeup – so I created this look using some of my favorite high end makeup dupes. If you’re attending a Halloween party, giving out candies to trick-or-treaters or just feel like dressing up as a unicorn (I don’t judge) this makeup tutorial is for you!

Step 1: Glitter Highlight

After applying foundation and concealer, it’s time to contour…using glitter! If unicorns contoured I’m pretty sure it would be with glitter. Just saying. I purchased this glitter library (if you’re a glitter fan prepare yourself for the most epic glitter collection of all time under $15) and used the white glitter just above my cheekbone as a highlighter! Apply as much or as little as you’d like! The glitter stayed on my face the rest of the night as if, but if you’d extra hold I’d suggest using a setting spray (just watch out for your eyes!).

Step 2: Glitter Brows

Why? Because you’re a freakin’ unicorn. After applying my Anastasia Beverly Hills pomade dupe (under $7), I applied the silver glitter from my glitter library. I used a brush from my all time favorite makeup brush set (that is now DISCONTINUED… It Cosmetics why you gotta play me like that?! Similar set here) to apply the glitter directly to my brows. The glitter stayed in place the entire night as is, but if you’d like extra hold I’d once again suggest a setting spray.

Step 3: False Lashes

For this look, I wanted to make my eyes appear as big as possible. My eyelashes are naturally short, so I decided to apply false lashes. I used these false lashes (I love how lightweight they are!) using this glue for a dramatic effect.

Step 4: Shimmer Eyeshadow

When it comes to unicorns the more shimmer – the better! For this maximum amount of shine, I applied a generous amount of highlighter (the perfect BECCA highlighter “Champagne Pop” dupe) all over my lids.

Step 5: Rhinestones

To up the amp, I applied silver rhinestones above my eyebrows. I used this eyelash glue to adhere the rhinestones to my face!

Step 6: Exaggerated Winged Liner

To finish off my eyes, I applied this black liquid eyeliner (my new drugstore favorite under $5!) to create an exaggerated winged liner. After applying the liner to my top lid, I created a mini wing underneath, connecting to my bottom lash line. This helps to create more of a mythical look!

To finish off the look, I applied two coats this pink lipstick (“Hint of Plum”). If you’d rather use a drugstore alternative – this lipstick is an exact dupe!

The Final Look:

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What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year? 

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