10 Things To Know Before Visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom

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I’m somewhat of a Disney brat. My family vacationed in Orlando every year growing up (my mom’s family lives in Orlando) so my brother and I were treated to an annual Disney trip. Growing up at Disney never dulled the magic, if anything it only amplified. I remember counting down the days until I could visit Disney once again. Today, I live in Orlando and have a Disney annual pass. All this to say, I am somewhat of a Disney expert. Today I want to share 10 things you should know before visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom if you’re a first timer (or 20th timer). Enjoy!

10 Things To Know Before Visiting Disney’s Magic Kingdom

1. Purchase Disney Merch Online 

Disney parks have a habit of hiking up pricing on just about everything including Disney merch. If you’re wanting to dress head to toe in Disney attire or simply show off a pair of Mickey ears – it’s best to shop online first. You can find just about any Disney accessory online for less – and some of it is FREE 2-day shipping!

2. Download The Disney App

The Disney app is basically the best thing to happen to Disney since I was a kid. Humongous Disney maps are no longer – this app has a GPS-enabled map, walking you step-by-step through every Disney park. The app displays wait times for attractions, showtimes, character greeting locations and times, restaurants menus and more. You can also manager your Disney Resort reservations, tickets and MagicBands. Bonus hack: you can order your food early at the restaurant of your choice to skip the lines and the long wait! You’ll receive a text notification when your food is ready.

3. Take Advantage of Fast Passes 

Disney fast passes are the key to ride the fast lane for free! Fast passes allow you to skip the lines and go to the FastPass+ entrances for selected attractions. You can select 3 FastPass+ selections (ie. 3 rides) up to 30 days in advance of your visit. After you redeem your first 3 selections you can use the app to make another selection! FastPass+ lanes are typically under 10 minutes and are key to skipping long lines!

4. Beat The Crowds By Making A Breakfast Reservation

Did you know you can enter the park early by making a reservation at one of the three Magic Kingdom restaurants at the park? That’s right, you can enter the park as much as an hour and a half early! Magic Kingdom typically opened at 9am, but if you make a reservation at Cinderella’s Royal Table, The Crystal Palace or Be Our Guest early (starting at 8am), park security will allow you up to half an hour to reach the restaurants. You’ll have first dibs at the park – and you’ll be granted amazing photo opportunities in front of the iconic castle! Bonus hack: bring your own water bottles and snacks to save on the astronomical pricing of food and beverages throughout the day.

5. Wear Comfortable Shoes 

Coming from the girl who hates wearing running shoes unless exercising – wear runners. Or shoes that are very comfortable. You’ll be walking a ton and there’s nothing worse than a blister ruining your Disney bliss. Make sure to throw some bandaids in your purse just incase!

disney magic kingdom trip with best friends Mash elle beauty blogger matching pink shirts pink minnie ears pink balloon

6. Pack Dramamine 

Even though the rides are family friendly, there is a 98% chance you will get nauseous on the teacup ride. If you have a weak stomach (like me) even the smallest rides can make you queasy so go ahead and take a Dramamine as a preventative. It will make you drowsy – but it’s nothing caffeine and Disney magic can’t combat!

7. Plan Your Dates Strategically 

If you’re planning a trip to Disney – pick your dates carefully. It’s no surprise Disney is the busiest during the holidays (all of December) until mid January. Try to avoid those dates. Next up: avoid Disney mid June-August if possible. Why? You’ll be sweating your behind off. Temperatures can soar into the mid 100s – and people frequently pass out from heat exhaustion in 1 hour+ lines. So, optimal times to go to any of the Disney Parks? Mid January-mid June and September-November.

8. Dress For The Heat

Not everyone has the luxury of flexible dates, so if you are going during the hot months (June, July & August) or are one of the unlucky bunch who book a hot day in Florida – you’ll need to be prepared. First off, you’ll need to drink as much water as possible to avoid dehydration (you’ll be sweating a lot!). Water is about $3.50 a bottle, however all counter service restaurants offer free iced water. So you’ll want to take advantage of the free iced water throughout the day. Next, wear as little clothes as possible. That’s right – it’s time to pull out your short shorts and a breathable top. Wear your hair in a ponytail or braids to keep as cool as possible. Bring a deodorant that actually works. Y’all know I’ve been bragging on the Dove Dry Sprays (I use them everyday) well they just dropped a new delicious fragrance: Fresh Pear & Aloe Vera! Yes please! It comes in a dry spay and stick formula and is the perfect long-lasting deodorant that has 48 hour protection! I always feel fresh and confident when I use this deodorant and I’ve been loving the new Advanced Care Go Fresh Pear & Aloe Vera Antiperspirant! Finally, bring a hand fan. I always have one on me at all times when I’m in Florida in general.

disney magic kingdom trip with best friends Mash elle beauty blogger matching pink shirts pink minnie ears pink balloon

9 The Ultimate Cinderella Castle Photo Hack  

When I posted the photo with the castle you won’t believe how many people DM’d me asking how I got a picture without anyone in the background? Did I use photoshop? While I bumped up the colors, I didn’t remove a single person from the background – pinky swear! The secret? Take a picture at the back of the castle during a parade. Parades are ongoing throughout the day – so check the schedule to see when the next parade is! Everyone will be at the front of the castle, leaving the back of the castle empty! Snap your photos quick – once the parade ends – it will be chaos surrounding the castle once again!

10. The Mickey Balloons Are Worth The $

Never in my existence has a balloon lasted as long as my pink Mickey balloon (pictured above). Three weeks at full inflation, 4 weeks *slightly* deflated. By week 5, the pink balloon was deflated, but the protective clear balloon was still inflated! Not sure what magic they throw in there, but their balloons are worth the $12 price tag.

disney magic kingdom trip with best friends Mash elle beauty blogger matching pink shirts pink minnie ears pink balloon

If you’re interested in staying fresh and cool on this summer, make sure to grab Dove’s Advanced Care Go Fresh Pear & Aloe Vera Antiperspirant. It’s on sale at Target online and in-store 10% off using the Cartwheel app (valid 6/10-6/23) and buy 4 products, get a $5 Target Giftcard​ (valid 6/24-6/30).

disney magic kingdom trip with best friends Mash elle beauty blogger dove hair care

Do you have any hacks you use to navigate the Disney theme parks? I’d love to know below! 

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