Stocking Stuffers For Her Under $10

Here’s the dilemma: you want to shower your loved ones with gifts this Christmas, but you don’t have the funds to do so. I think we’ve all been there! Christmas can get expensive, y’all! Remember, you don’t have to spend a fortune on Christmas gifts. It’s the thought that counts, after all. I decided to search the Internet for the best  inexpensive gifts under $10. Think of it this way – you can buy 10 gifts for under $100!

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Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10 | cute gift ideas | Christmas gifts | stocking items | gifts | popular Orlando blogger Mash Elle


1 / Luggage Tag 2 / L’Oreal Colorista 1-Day Spray in Rose Gold available in 10 colors 3 / Donut Dog Toy (comes in set of 2) 4 / Blush Palette  5 / Tangle-Free Hair Band (comes in 4 colors)  6 / Aviators (come in 20 colors!)  7 / Facial Spray  8 / Stackable Shoe Organizer  9 / MAC Lipglass (comes in 8 shades) 10 / Charing iPhone Stand (comes in 5 colors) 11 / Hand & Foot Pack 12 / Sorry Not Sorry Mug 13 / Angle Makeup Brush 14 / Essie Nail Polish (comes in multiple colors) 15 / Purse Dividers 16 / Marble iPhone Case (comes in 10 marble shades) 17 / Body Lotion 18 / PopSocket (comes in 10 marble shades)


Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10 | cute gift ideas | Christmas gifts | stocking items | gifts | popular Orlando blogger Mash Elle

1 / Voluspa Candle 2 / LED Gel Nail Polish 3 / Marble Binder 4 / Cartier Love Ring Dupe (comes in rose gold and silver) 5 / Benefit Bad Gal Mascara 6 / Rose Gold Tape Dispenser (also comes in gold) 7 / Elephant Ring Holder  8 / Starbucks Gift Card 9 / Metallic Wallets  10 / Eye Pencil Sharpener  11 / Stud Earrings 12 / Illuminator Palette 13 / MAC Mini Lipstick (comes in 9 shades) 14 / Makeup Organizer 15 / Pineapple Pillow (comes in 12 designs) 16 / Earbud Case 17 Shimmer Gold Glitter For Hair & Body (also available in silver) / 18 Rose Gold Highlighter (available in 3 shades)

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10 | cute gift ideas | Christmas gifts | stocking items | gifts | popular Orlando blogger Mash Elle

1 // Lavender Essential Oil: If you haven’t used lavender essential oil, you’re seriously missing out! Just a few drops of this stuff will help to reduce stress and anxiety. I place 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow case before I sleep! Perfect for the stressed, anxiety and/or sleepless individual in your life!

2 // Snake Print IPhone Case: It’s hard to believe this adorable faux snake skin print case is under $10! It gives the perfect feminine touch to your iPhone! This gift is perfect for the fashionista in your life!

3 // Mario Badescu Super Rich Olive Body Lotion: You guys, this stuff rocks! I suffer with terribly sensitive skin – and this stuff is gentle enough to soothe my skin back to heath. Perfect for dry skin this winter!

4 // Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo: Oh how I love a great dry shampoo! The shift towards washing hair less (and subsequently having healthier hair!) means dry shampoo is a must. To squeak by another day without washing your hair, simply apply dry shampoo at the roots! I also use dry shampoo when I want a little more volume!

5 // Nail Decals: Alright, there are just stinkin’ cute – and no, they’re not just for kids. Nail decals are a fun way to express creativity! Gift these to the gal that loves trying new things, or you know, loves pizza, hotdogs and pretzels (who doesn’t!).

6 // Strong Hold Finishing Spray: A gal has enough on her plate, the last thing she needs is to worry about her hair getting crazy throughout the day. I’ve tried this finishing spray and it’s great! I love how your hair doesn’t feel crispy after use – and you’re less likely to have flyaways!

7 // The Blushed Nudes: This eyeshadow palette is a standout palette within my roundup of the best drugstore eyeshadow palettes under $20. This palette is only $9, but is comparable to high-end drugstore shadow palettes. I love the cool nude tones in the palette, and their pigment is impressive!

8 //  Nail Therapy Multivitamin Nail Treatment: If you’re wanting to give your nails a little TLC, this treatment is perfect! Know a gal who is obsessed with her gel/ shellac/ acrylic nails? Her (real) nails are likely in shambles and need some rejuvenation! Stick this in her stocking for some much-needed care!

9 // Mini Tin Candle: My love for Voluspa candles is endless, and they are the perfect gift this year for… anyone. Seriously, you cannot go wrong with gifting a candle to anyone! From your mother-in-law to your therapist, candles give off that relaxation vibe.

10 // Pineapple Gold Foil Print: I have officially ordered this beauty for my office. I am in love with the gold foil print! Pineapples are kind of like candles, not one can hate them! So if you’re wanting to add a touch of gold shimmer to someone’s life I’d recommend this 5X7 pineapple gold foil art!

11 // Glitter Top Coat: Nothing says the holiday season like a little sparkle. I am over the moon with glitter nail polish during the holidays! Glitter nail polish is the perfect “fun” accessory to any outfit. For ideas on how to use this polish – here is a fun nail tutorial featuring this exact polish!

12 // Faux Fur Pillow: Faux fur pillows are just so cozy. They scream cuddle season, and they’re the perfect accessory for a bedroom, office or any living space! Give the gift of warmth and relaxation with this 18-inch pillow!

13 // Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings: Another gift you cannot go wrong with – crystal studs. Unless her ears aren’t pierced, you’ll be hard pressed to find a gal who doesn’t love the sparkle of cubic zirconia earrings. Also, at just $8, you cannot beat the price!

14 // Body Boosting Shampoo: Living Proof has an incredibly impressive lineup of hair care, but this body-boosting shampoo is one of their bests! Along with winter brings dull, lifeless (and static-y) hair, but this shampoo will help to revitalize it with body!

15 // Face Masks: Face masks are seriously so underrated. Apart from the fact that they provide your face with much-needed vitamins and moisture, face masks are so relaxing!

16 // Pom-Pom Keychain: Pom pom keychains are seriously adorable (for all ages) and add a little life to any handbag! Stuff this is someone’s stocking for some added fun!

17 // Tan Applicator Mitt for Face: If you know a gal who loves to practice safe sun (i.e.. use tanning lotion) gift her this trusty tan applicator mitt! This will help her palms from turning orange. Friends don’t let friends have orange plans, ever.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas Under $10 | cute gift ideas | Christmas gifts | stocking items | gifts | popular Orlando blogger Mash Elle

18 // Fake Eyelashes: I’ve tried so many false lashes it’s ridiculous. However, these lashes, in particular, are one of my favorites as they have a “fluttery” effect. These lashes have a 3D effect, making them look more real and help to open your eyes more!

19 // Eyelash Glue: This is my holy grail eyelash glue. I’ve never had a reaction (and I have super sensitive skin!). Also, the tube is small enough to carry around in your purse in case – god forbid – your lashes start coming off (never cute).

20 // Emoji Coin Pouch: Who doesn’t need an emoji coin purse!? The emoji trend is still going strong, so you’re bound to see a few smiles when unwrapping this gift!

21 // Body Cream: If you know someone in your life with sensitive skin and/or numerous allergies to ingredients they can’t even pronounce – buy them Whish body products! I haven’t stopped raving over these products for years. Reference this post for the magic of Whish skincare products.

22 // Antlers Gold Foil Decor Print: If you have someone on your list wanting to add a finishing touch of decor to her home or office – this gold foil art is adorable! I love the minimalist touch of this 5X7 print. It’s adorable!

23 // Moroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner: If you know someone who has hair screaming for moisture (hello frizz city) you may want to get them this hydrating conditioner! Their hair will thank you later!

24 // Boxed Candle: I’m telling you – these Voluspa candles are amazing! They last so long and come in a variety of fragrances and cute packing!

25 // Mirrored Round Sunglasses: You can never have too many sunglasses! Chances are you’ll lose/ scratch up 90% of your sunglasses anyways – so new sunglasses are never not welcomed!

26 // Lip Liner: Here is an affordable and pigmented lip liner for the gals in your life who love a great bold lip! If you’re looking for other affordable makeup ideas, check out  the best makeup products under $5!

27 // Faux Pearl Stud Earrings: Pearl stud earrings are a classic staple in every woman’s wardrobe. This is an incredibly affordable and sweet pair for the women in your life!

28 // EOS Passion Fruit Lip Balm: Ahhh, winter. How you do so much damage to our lips. Grab your gal an extra lip balm to stuff in her purse to revive those lips!

29 // ‘Hands of Hope’ Hand & Cuticle Cream: Winter also brings about cracked and flaky hands – and there is nothing cute about that! Hand cream is always a “feel good” gift for every gal!

30 // Wet Brush: This brush. works. wonders. Coming from a gal with hair down to her butt (and whose tangles are out of control) this brush is magic. I use it after showering to get out all my knots! When I use this brush, my hair never tugs or snaps!

31 // MAC Mini Tinted Lipglass: MAC lipglass is just great. It isn’t too sticky, comes in a plethora of shades and can be thrown into your purse for a kick touch up!

32 // Gold Monogram Mug: This gold monogram mug was my #1 most purchased item off any gift guide last year. This mug is amazing because you can it’s personal, beautiful and you can gift it to everyone! I gave each of my friends one and stuffed it with fun gifts inside!

33 // Blow Out Hair Spray: If you’re looking for a “blow out” look – i.e. just came back from the salon from a professional styling, use this hair spray after drying and styling your hair. It will help to keep body and prevent fly aways!

34 // Baked Eyeshadow: E.L.F’s Baked eyeshadow collection has always been a favorite of mine in terms of drugstore beauty products. At a mere $3 you cannot go wrong. Seriously, do. it.

35 / Accent Pillow: How adorable is this pillow! I love how it adds a modern and sophisticated look to any room! I’ve ordered one for a family member and I know they will love it!

 Happy Shopping y’all!

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