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Some places you have to experience firsthand, no photos can do it justice. Joshua Tree National Park is one of those places. Meghan, author of Boho Nouveau, and I have been wanting to visit “J Tree” (as the locals call it) for some time and we finally pulled the trigger last weekend. Resting approximately 3 hours outside LA, this National Park is a dream-like desert. We stopped in Coachella Valley along the way to gas up (we couldn’t stomach the thought of being stranded in the desert) and it was a whooping 114 degrees! It felt like we were in an oven. Being from Canada, I had a mini freak-out and purchased all the water and ice I could find in the gas station. After filling our car with ice, water and snacks, we slathered on some Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and hoped for the best. Turns out, Joshua Tree National Park was actually cooler (by about 17 degrees, nbd) but still overwhelmingly sunny. I couldn’t believe how large the park was – it covers 790,636 acres and is comprised of two deserts: Mojave Desert and Colorado Desert! The Joshua Trees (also known as Yucca brevifolia) can reach 49 feet (pictured above) and can live anywhere from a hundred to a thousand years! These trees are sprinkled throughout the national park and are amazingly beautiful in person! We left Joshua Tree National Park feeling thankful to live in such a beautiful world.

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