Best Amazon Winter Fashion Finds

Every season I like to add a few fashion staples to my closet as well as some fun pieces. Consequently, every season I find myself browsing through Amazon. If you didn’t know already – Amazon has a never-ending supply of awesome fashion finds. Seriously, it’s kind of unfair. Every time I browse the site I think of y’all – and bookmark my favorite fashion finds. Today I’m finally publishing my winter edition of the best Amazon fashion finds. Grab a coffee (and your credit card!) and let’s go shopping together! First things first, if you haven’t signed up with Amazon Prime trial – now is the time! You’ll receive FREE 2-day shipping, streaming of movies, TV shows and music, exclusive shopping deals and so much more. Click here for a FREE 30-day Amazon Prime trialYou won’t regret it. And now back to shopping!


Shopping this guide is super easy! Simply click directly on the item you want to buy or click on the pink highlighted text underneath each collage. Happy shopping!

Beauty blogger Mash Elle | Amazon winter fashion finds | what's hot on Amazon this winter | pom pom beanie | boots | checkered clutch | pink sunglasses |

1 Beaded Blouse

Spice up your wardrobe with this beaded low v neck top! The tie at the waist makes it figure flattering and it comes in 13 colors.

2 Louis Vuitton Wallet Dupe 

Can we talk about how good this Louis Vuitton Wallet dupe is?! I’m obsessed. Even better? It’s under $16 and comes in 3 colors. *Click here for more designer bag dupes.*

3 Ankle Boots

Let’s be honest: these boots are straight up badass. They can. be dressed up or down and are super affordable – under $30! Bonus: they come in 11 colors.

4 Faux Fur Pink Jacket

If you’re looking for a fun jacket to add to your collection – this faux fur pink jacket is the one! It’s under $30 and can be worn with a dressy or casual outfit.

5 Sunglasses 

If you’re like me and lose/scratch up every pair of sunglasses ever – you’re better off sticking with wallet-friendly glasses. These fun frames are under $10 and come in 13 colors.

6 Color Block Sweater 

If you’re looking to add some new styles to your wardrobe – try out color blocking! This fun sweater features a fun color combination and will keep you warm on those crisp winter days! Comes in 4 colors.

7 Chloe Designer Bag Dupe

Another day, another Chloe designer bag dupe. This one features an adorable tassel and comes in 3 colors.*Click here for more designer bag dupes.*

8 Double Pom Pom Faux Fur Beanie

One of my favorite winter purchases, this double pom pom faux fur beanie is just precious! I always get a ton of compliments on this hat when I wear it. Bonus: it’s available in 10 color combinations. *Click here for my favorite pom pom beanies this season styled*. 

9 Hermes Designer Bracelet Dupe 

Designer jewelry dupe alert! This Hermes bracelet lookalike is the perfect accessory to add to any look. It’s under $15 and comes in 12 colors combinations.

10 Knit Mittens

Every gal needs a cute pair of mittens! These mittens are the perfect affordable accessory and they comes in 7 colors! Sold!

11 Givenchy Designer Bag Dupe 

This adorable Givenchy designer bag dupe is the perfect everyday bag – bit enough to carry all your essentials and more! This bag comes in 15 color combinations*Click here for more designer bag dupes.*

12 Pink Coat

This fun pink teddy bear coat is perfect to cuddle up in on those wicked winter days. It’s soft, snugly and you won’t want to take it off!

13 Aviator Sunglasses

Another amazing aviator sunglasses find! These cuties are just too good and they come in 9 colors.

14 Snakeskin Booties

Take about a conversation starter. I’m over the moon with these snakeskin booties – definitely worth the splurge! They’re available in 2 colors.


Beauty blogger Mash Elle | Amazon winter fashion finds | what's hot on Amazon this winter | black ear muffs | boots | checkered clutch | animal print cardigan |

1 Turtleneck Sweater

Is it just me or are turtleneck sweaters the best? They keep you super warm and have that elevated look. I just ordered this top! It comes in 4 colors.

2 Cartier Love Bracelet Dupe

Another great duper under $20. This Cartier Love bracelet dupe is impressive and will save you a heck of a lot of money!

3 Thermal Waterproof Boots

If you’re looking for boots to endure the winter weather, grab these thermal waterproof boots! They’re super cute and come in 4 colors.

4 Knit Sweater 

How many knit sweaters is too many? The limit does not exist. This sweater is the perfect addition to your winter comfies! Comes in 6 colors.

5 Faux Fur Earmuffs 

Contrary to popular belief – I’d argue earmuffs aren’t just for the kids. They’re a fun accessory to add to any outdoor winter ensemble! These cuties come in 5 colors.

6 Gucci Designer Bag Dupe

Yaaaaaas queen. This Gucci designer bag dupe is just so good. It’s currently on my wishlist. It comes in 11 colors*Click here for more designer bag dupes.*

7 Star Stud Earrings

Some of the cutest stud earrings I’ve come across! They’re simple, delicate and won’t break the bank. Plus, they match my favorite star necklace of all time!

8 It’s A Beautiful Day To Leave Me Alone Top

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? This hilarious take on the show’s tagline is perfect for introverts and anti-morning people alike. Available in 4 colors.

9 Leopard Print Sweater 

This leopard print sweater is one of my favorite current finds. I love how long it is (perfect for us tall gals) and comes in 20 prints/ color combinations.

10 Burberry Designer Scarf Dupe

Looking for a designer scarf lookalike? This cutie is under $10 and comes in 3 colors. I’m sold!

11 Wool Fedora 

Fedoras are the perfect accessory for everyday outfits! This affordable pick will elevate any outfit and comes in 12 colors.

12 Layer Necklace

I’m a sucker for dainty, necklaces I can layer. This find comes with two pendants – so the layering is already done for you! Easy peasy!

13 Louis Vuitton Wallet Dupe 

Another proud find this month. This nearly identical Louis Vuitton wallet dupe is purrrrfection. Not only is it under $16 it also comes in 3 colors. I also found this matching Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag dupe here. *Click here for more designer bag dupes.*

14 Celine Initial Necklace 

This Celine bamboo initial necklace dupe is just so good! It’s only $13 and also comes in silver and rose gold. Grab one for you and your bestie!

15 Ankle Boots

One can never have enough ankle booties. You can wear these year-round with any outfit! I just ordered a pair. Bonus: they come in 4 colors.

Beauty blogger Mash Elle | Amazon winter fashion finds | what's hot on Amazon this winter | pom pom beanie | neutral mittens| gold jewelry | blue jeans |

1 Fleece Coat 

Another teddy bear fleece coat?! Yes please. This one is super affordable, incredibly darling and comes in 12 colors.

2 Knit Mittens 

Is it just me or do you lose one of every pair of mittens you buy? Stock up with these affordable mitts that come in 8 colors.

3 High Rise Boot Leg Jeans

If you’re looking for a new pair of jeans these high rise boot leg jeans are it! They’re a slight deviation from your everyday skinny jeans – forcing you to create new looks!

4 Drop Earrings 

How fun are these triangle drop earrings? I love how unique yet minimalist they are! They come in 4 colors.

5 Chloe Designer Bag Backpack

Such a great find. I have this backpack in two colors and love them! They’re great quality (you just have to air them out the first day you get them in) but they’re super fun to style! Also comes in black*Click here for more designer bag dupes.*

6 Plus Slip-on Slippers

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of comfy slippers these are it! Perfect for lounging around the house. They’re available in 14 colors.

7 Chloe Designer Bag Dupe 

A darling find! This Chloe designer bag dupe will spice up your everyday outfit! Comes in 6 colors*Click here for more designer bag dupes.*

8 Ankle Booties

Such a great find! These ankle booties will literally pair well with any outfit! I’m obsessed. Also available in black.

9 Cartier Bracelet Dupe

Such a great Cartier bracelet dupe y’all! It’s fun, funky and a fraction of the price of the original. I’m sold! Comes in 3 colors.

10 Star Necklace 

Oh hello my favorite necklace of all time. I own this in both gold and silver and it’s the cutest necklace there ever was! Perfectly dainty. Also available in silver. Click here for the matching star stud earrings.

11 Faux Fur Pom Pom Beanie 

Y’all know I’m super obsessed with this beanie. I’ve practically been living in it all winter! This cutie comes in 15 color combinations*Click here for my favorite pom pom beanies this season styled*. 

12 Oversized Pullover Top

Such a super fun top for a unique look! Also, the perfect top when you’re bloated… just keeping it real! This top is available in 6 colors.

13 Louis Vuitton Neverfull Designer Bag Dupe

I may have saved the best for last. This Louis Vuitton Neverfull designer bag dupe is nearly spot on! If the original is out of your budget, this bag will do the trick! Perfect for an everyday bag, airport carry on or diaper bag! Comes in 3 colors. Also available in this design. If you’re looking for the wallet only – you can find it here*Click here for more designer bag dupes.*



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