Holiday Hair On A Budget

There’s no denying the holiday season can be stressful. Between purchasing gifts for all the loved ones on your list to preparing for holiday events, December can feel like a whirlwind. This year, I’ve made a promise to myself to cut back on time spent stressing over the perfect gifts, the perfect dress and the perfect hair. Instead, I’m going to take that time and energy and spend it decorating Christmas cookies with friends, watching Home Alone too many times and writing the perfect heartfelt Christmas cards. Conversations with friends and family confirm I’m not the only one stressed out this time of year, so I wanted to share a small way to treat yourself this holiday season!

Ashley and I are cousins and one thing you should know about our family is they love Christmas. Every year our family pulls out all the stops to ensure we have the best Christmas ever. The only problem is, Ashley and I are introverts so while we enjoy every second of Christmas festivities – we’re often left feeling perpetually sleepy. On top of that, as bloggers, we’re usually completely swamped with work in December, so the last thing we want to do is spend 2 hours getting ready for Christmas parties. This year we decided to pamper ourselves with a holiday hairstyle from Hair Cuttery. Ashley had raved about her previous hairstyles from Hair Cuttery and quickly convinced me to join in on the fun! We chose the Winter Park location due to convenience and positive reviews online! With a Starbucks in hand, we were able to sit back, unwind and partake in girl talk with the fabulous hair stylists.

I’m a girl who likes volume, so I opted for the big sexy curls holiday hairstyle – and did my hairstylist ever deliver! She took one look at me and knew I could handle the drama and proceeded to give me the most voluminous curls my hair would allow. She used a curling iron to create tight curls, pinned them and let them fall. The process was so relaxing I nearly fell asleep. If I could only have this done every morning – a girl can dream!

As you can see, I left with picture perfect hair. Not only did we save time stressing over the perfect hair, we got to bond in a relaxing environment. The cost of this treatment? Only $30! I love how this full-service salon is extremely affordable and doesn’t require an appointment – walk ins are welcome if you’re in a pinch! Hair Cuttery salons offer a variety of services including cuts, styling, coloring, waxing and texturizing services! So handy!

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To locate the closest Hair Cuttery simply use the salon locator here! For more hair inspiration this holiday season, keep up with Hair Cuttery on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.


Thank you to Hair Cuttery for sponsoring today’s post. As usual, all options are mine alone. 

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