Why I Need Spa Rejuvenation

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I have always been a high-stress, anxiety ridden individual. My whole life I have identified as a INFP on the Myer’s Briggs personality test (introversion, intuition, feeling, perception). I am an empath. Translation? I feel everything. I am highly sensitive. I internalize other people’s energy. When a close friend is hurting, I am hurting. It’s always been a double edged sword for me. I have the ability to understand people and read their emotions without them saying a word. I am a great listener. I can empathize with others. I love helping people. But I feel so much, at such extreme levels, it is draining at times. It produces stress, high levels of anxiety and physically tenses my muscles. For this reason, spas have always been a place of retreat and refuge.

When I planned my trip to Asheville (trip re-cap here) my first priority was to find a spa. When I stumbled upon Still Point Wellness Spa, the unique services offered, including salt water flotation, world class Esalen® Massage, somatic psychology and private yoga therapy and meditation sparked my interest. I quickly learned this wasn’t only a spa, but a home for physical, mental and spiritual rejuvenation. The spa itself has a relaxing aura about it – from the dim lighting to the mesmerizing fish tank in the centre of the spa.

Me being the anxiety ridden individual I am (and never hearing the words salt water flotation in one sentence) reluctantly agreed to try it (with a massage before, of course!). During salt water flotation you are floating in a shallow pool of water with a half ton of epsom salts, allowing your body to effortlessly float. Salt water flotation is meant to be a soul cleanse, connecting your mind and body. Floatation is also know to slow breathing, decrease blood pressure and muscle tension, increase endorphin levels, reduce lactic acid, lower anxiety and provide pain relief! The chamber is pitch black, shutting out the world and forcing you to relax. Co-owner and somatic therapist Corey Costanzo introduced me to the salt water chamber and eased my mind with some words of wisdom. He explained we were in control of our experience, and while the session lasted 90 minutes, I could step out at any time and walk around, shower or end early. While I admittedly didn’t last the entire 90 minutes, I was proud of myself for facing my fears (shutting the chamber door completely!) and allowing my muscles to relax. While this treatment isn’t for everyone, I would encourage everyone to try it at least once!

In addition to my salt water floatation experience, I received an Esalen® massage! The Esalen® massage, created in Big Spur, California utilizes a holistic approach to connect body and spirit. Prior to the massage, I was asked to fill out a detailed form on my health. In addition to background information on your physical health, this waiver also spent time understanding your mental health. I was so impressed Still Point Wellness Spa understands it is just as important to have an individual’s background on not only physical health, but mental as well. I’ve had a lot of massages in my life, and this massage was one of the better ones. The massage was customized to my specific needs, from selection of essential oils to pressure utilized. I would recommend a 90 minute Esalen® massage in order to completely unwind and benefit from the holistic approach.

The entire staff was extremely warm and welcoming, including Jessica the amazingly interpersonal receptionist. I’ve always believed receptionists say a lot about a company – and Jessica is as warm-hearted as they get.

 If you’re in Asheville Still Point Wellness is a mandatory stop to treat yo’ self!

Who else identifies as an empath?

Read my full recap on my trip to Asheville here!

Thank you to Still Point Wellness for providing spa services. As usual, all opinions are mine alone.  

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  1. March 26, 2016 / 6:19 pm

    Hey there fellow Canadian! We just experienced the spa last week – what an amazing and relaxing place! Looks like you guys spent a little longer in Asheville than our one day trip, cool town though eh!

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