How To Exercise If You Hate Working Out

Want to step up your fitness game, but don’t enjoy working out? I’ve got you covered below. 

Mash Elle Orlando lifestyle blogger working out tips

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Working Out:  A Guide for People Who Hate to Exercise

I hate working out. HATE. Even when I try to convince myself I like it, it still sucks every single time. I hate being hot, I hate being sweaty, I hate being tired. All three spell out workout. I wish I was one of those crazy people who liking going to the gym or running (I’m looking at you, Marie), but I’ll never be one of them. So, what’s a girl to do when she hates working out? I’ve compiled my top favorite non-workout workouts for those of you who despise working out like I do!

Mash Elle Orlando lifestyle blogger working out tips

1. Yoga 

Yoga is one workout I actually enjoy. For those of you who doesn’t think yoga is a workout – I dare you to try an advanced session. I always leave exhausted, but it’s a pleasant kind of fatigue. The stretching before and after gives my muscles time to adjust to the moves and leaves them feeling stronger, but not in excruciating pain. Ps. if you can find a moonlight yoga in your city it’s straight magic.

Mash Elle Orlando lifestyle blogger working out tips yoga

2. Dancing

I used to go out dancing with my girlfriends pretty often when I was in university. I never realized how much of a workout it can be until I went to a silent disco the other night with Marie. First of all, if you haven’t been to a silent disco – do it. It’s soo much fun! Everyone wears headphones that play music and you sing and dance along to the music! Take off the headphones and you can hear a sea of people singing off beat – it’s hilarious! Anyway, dancing to great music is super fun and makes time fly by. Before you know it, 2 hours have passed and you’ve gotten a workout in!

Mash Elle Orlando lifestyle blogger working out tips dancing

3. Speed Walking

If you rate running like me – go for a speed walk. A “speed walk” or “power walk” is essentially fast walking and I simply walk as fast as I can without jogging. You’ll know your speed walking when you can feel it in your calves! I bring two water bottles with me to stay hydrated as well as mini weights to give my arms a workout at the same time!

4. Biking

If you don’t have a bike – get one! Biking is super fun and a great way to commute during the warm seasons. Google biking trails in your area – there are a ton in most cities! Grab a friend or  bring your dog to join the fun, take your boyfriend on a ride and then set up a picnic or go for a ride at the beach. Switch it up and make it fun!

Mash Elle Orlando lifestyle blogger working out tips biking

5. Hiking

Hiking is actually super fun! Don’t worry – I’m not talking about 4-5 hour hikes (like why would anyone do this?!). Find a 1-2 hour hiking trail and bring a partner. Hiking can be exhausting, but you’ll be distracted by the gorgeous views and cute animals on the way! When all else fails invite a guy with a cute butt and enjoy the view.

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Mash Elle Orlando lifestyle blogger working out tips Marie's Bazaar

I want to know fun ways you workout! Let me know in the comments below!

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