Tech Accessories I Can’t Live Without

Take a look at the tech accessories I can’t do without.

tech accessories | favorite tech items | tech gifts |  mash elle lifestyle blogger

Hey beauties! I wanted to quickly share some of the tech accessories I use on a daily basis I own every item listed, so feel free to leave any questions below.

iPhone car mount holder (save $7)I use Maps on my iPhone often, so this holder allows me to drive handsfree. I love how it doesn’t plug into my air conditioner, cause ya girl needs all the air conditioning she can get.

iPhone glass screen protectors (save $19):  I can be quite clumsy, so I make sure to always have a screen protector on my iPhone. I buy these in multiples as I like to replace mine often!

Extra iPhone chargers (save $6): I am on my phone more than I like to admit, so I have a huge stock of phone chargers. These are super cheap, and a 6ft wire allows you extra wiggle room!

iPhone External Battery (save $21): If I know I have a special project where I CANNOT LOOSE POWER I bring this pretty lady along with me! Super compact and light.

MacBook Pro Marble Hard Case (save $3): Working frequently at local coffee shops, I am always asked where I get my computer case! I love how it is lightweight and protects my MacBook babe from any nicks!

Extra Camera Memory Card (save $7): I am a gal on the go, so I can’t be trusted to know where my camera memory card is at all times. I have multiple memory cards and always stock up when they go on sale!

Computer External Hard Drive (save $55): No matter who you are, you need to have a backup of your files in case your computer decides to break or you know, your computer is stolen! This guy has great storage space and you can’t beat the price!

tech accessories | favorite tech items | tech gifts |  mash elle lifestyle blogger

Let me know if you found any other awesome tech accessories on sale!


  1. Michelle
    July 18, 2017 / 10:51 pm

    Isn’t it the best? Super affordable too!



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