About Me

Michelle Kehoe | Orlando, Florida | Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger | affordable, everyday outfits and makeup

Let’s Talk About Me: 

Well hello! I’m Michelle a twenty-something fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger living in sunny Orlando, Florida. I grew up in the frigid north (aka Ottawa, Canada) and after graduating my Masters of Communications, I flew down south – permanently. Most people who meet me after following my blog are surprised by two things: how tall I am (5’10) and how friendly I am. I’ve got that nice girl syndrome – I’ll hug you instead of shaking hands and I’ll ask you a million questions about your life. I’m a social introvert: meaning I love connecting with people, but need a nap and/or solo Netflix chill down afterwards. I drink iced coffee daily (year round) and prefer brunch with girlfriends over a wild night on the town.

Let’s Talk About The Blog: 

So why blogging? Well, it started as a way to chronicle my travels and quickly escalated into a love for sharing my insatiable love for fashion, beauty and life. I want to inspire you become the best version of yourself, whether it’s encouraging you to rock those 5″ heels you’ve been dreaming of or share a smile with a stranger. Mash Elle is a safe haven to explore life, love and self expression. Let’s do this thing, girl!

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