How To Layer For Cold Winter Days


Growing up in Canada, I consider myself somewhat of a garment layering expert. Every winter I’m asked the same question: how do I look cute in -25 degree bone chilling weather? My response is always the same: layer up sister! So how exactly do you layer clothing? It may seem like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how often I’m asked this question. Today I’m breaking down how I put together winter outfits in 5 easy steps. Grab a warm coffee (or tea!) and read along!

Tip #1: Determine how cold your cold is

What the what? Let me explain. First things first, check your weather forecast app. As most of you know, the term “cold” is relative. Living in Florida for the past 4 years, I continue to crack up when someone complains about how “cold” they are in 60 degree weather. Y’all, my “cold” is -20 FAHRENHEIT. Growing up, it’s a matter of life or death out there. Okay, I’m (somewhat) kidding, but seriously, check your weather app. Know what you’re getting yourself into. Today I’ll be discussing “relatively chilly” weather, not subarctic temperatures.

Tip #2: Choose 1-2 dominant colorsĀ 

Since you’ll be dealing with several articles of clothing, the easiest way to ensure they will mesh is to select 1-2 dominant colors and pair them with monochromatic colors. For example, for this outfit I selected peach as my dominant color. My hat and scarf are both shades of peach and I paired them with shades of white, black and grey. This allows my outfit to appear more cohesive.

Tip #3: Mix loose and fitted piecesĀ 

My rule of thumb when layering articles of clothing is to mix loose and fitted pieces. I typically wear fitted bottoms and baggy tops to accentuate my long legs, however you can also style loose bottoms with a fitted top! This helps to create shape within an outfit. Have fun with it – show off your best features you cute thang!


Tip #4: Long underwear is your friend

Long underwear, long johns, thermal underwear – whatever you call it in your part of town – is your friend. If you’ll be outdoors most of the day, I’d suggest to wear it underneath your clothing. This will allow you to look cute on the outside but stay oh so warm on the inside. Let me know if you’d like me to write a post on my favorite picks!

Photos by Marie Ernst

Tip #5: Have fun with accessories

If there’s snow involved, 9 times out of 10 I’ll be in a beanie. It’s my go-to, my comfort blanket, my winter staple. In Canada we call them toques. What a fantastic word. Anyways, don’t be afraid to have some fun with winter accessories. Scarves, mitts, gloves, beanies…you name it. Go for it!

If you’re wondering, yes Marie and I threw on our down jackets approximately 0.5 seconds after these photos were taken! The penguin look was crucial for our trip to Mont Tremblant…but we braved the cold to show you our outfits! Don’t worry mom – I wore my jacket!


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