Floral Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Hey girls! Spring is right around the corner, so I wanted to share a spring inspired makeup tutorial! When I think of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is fresh blooms. When growing up in Canada (you know, where there are seasons – unlike Florida!) I remember seeing the new buds forming on the bare trees, the first flowers slowly making their way out of the ground and bringing new life with it. It was always a sign of hope that winter (and the cold, frigid nights) were finally coming to an end. This year, I was inspired by my grandmother’s gorgeous azaleas outside her house in Orlando that bloom towards the end of winter. You can see them faintly in the background of the first photo! It always makes me smile to think of her and how she loved to look at them and smell them! When I discovered Luminess Air’s Forever Reign Lip Stain in “Fancy”, I couldn’t believe how it perfectly mimicked my grandmother’s azaleas and wanted to create a makeup look around it! Keep reading to see a step-by-step tutorial on how I accomplished this floral inspired spring makeup look!

Step One

To start off this look, I applied full coverage foundation to even out my skin tone. I’ve been using my Luminess Legend Airbrush System to apply my Mystic Airbrush Foundation. I love this foundation as it is a primer, foundation and concealer all in one offering full coverage with a feather light finish. What more could a girl ask for? Don’t worry, applying airbrush foundation isn’t as intimidating as it sounds and it’s definitely not just for the pros anymore. I simply add 2-3 drops of foundation into my airbrush system, power it on and begin spraying! This system gives you control over the amount of product spraying out, so you can layer it to your desired coverage!

Step Two

Next, it’s time to tame those brows! I’ve been loving dark, full brows lately! I’ve recently been filling in my eyebrows with my Luminess Air brow pencil in “dark brown”. I begin by carefully filling in any sparse areas with short, quick stokes. Once my eyebrows are at the desired look, I use the opposite end of the brow pencil and brush out my brows. This helps to make my eyebrows look less severe and more “natural”.

Step Three

It’s time to contour y’all! I have a round face, so I contour my face in every makeup look to make it appear “slimmer”. I ain’t no chipmunk, ya herd! I apply my bronzer of choice just below my cheekbones to make my face look more narrow. Then, I carefully brush bronzer on the sides of my nose to make it appear slimmer. As always, each step is completely up to you and if you like your face shape then girl you just skip the contouring! Go on with your bad self!

Step Four

Ahhhh, highlighting. My favorite part of every makeup application. For this look, I applied highlighter just above my cheekbones (to make them pop!), on the bridge of my nose, in the centre of my forehead and on my chin! I don’t know about you, but I instantly feel better after applying highlighter. I’m addicted to that glow!

Step Five-Eight

Next, it’s time for eyeshadow! Here is where I introduce you to my newest (and downright sassiest) makeup palette: Nude & Naughty. Can we just take a second for the name of this palette? Amazing.

For this look, I wanted to create a daytime smokey eye! To begin, I applied #1 in the Nude & Naughty palette (pictured above) across my lid. Then, I applied #2 in the crease for dimension. I also applied this shade on my lower lash line for more drama. To finish off my eyes, I applied #3 as a highlighter just underneath my brow bone! Super easy.

Step Nine

To make my eyes pop and add length to my lashes I applied 2 coats of my Luminess Air mascara. I love this mascara as it adds noticeable drama to my lids! For reference my lashes are natural in this tutorial (no falsies or extensions!). I make sure to let the first coat of mascara fully dry before adding the second coat for a more voluminous look!

Step Ten 

Now for some va-va-voom! I finished off the look by applying Luminess Air’s Forever Reign Lip Stain in “Fancy”! This lip stain is no joke once it dries it does not move. This color dries matte and doesn’t smudge throughout the day! The staying power is so great on this product I had to use eye makeup remover to completely remove the product! Now that’s a water-resistant lip stain! This formula comes in 12 gorgeous shades and I will be adding “Award Show” to my makeup collection ASAP!

I think this is such a fun makeup look for spring! If you’re interested in trying out any of the Luminess Air products I mentioned, make sure to use the discount code MashElle25  for 25% off your entire order!


What makeup look would you like me to tackle next?


Thank you to Luminess Air for sponsoring today’s post. As usual, all opinions are mine alone. 

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  1. March 3, 2017 / 2:02 pm

    Gorgeous, That lip color on your is perfect! I’ve never tried airbrush makeup but I’m so intrigued.

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