How To: At Home Brazilian Blowout

Why is my hair so big? It’s full of secrets, duh. Literally, my hair is big (and frizz free) because of a few secrets up my sleeve. I’ve experimented with more hair products you can name. When I find a great hair product – I love to share it with y’all! As y’all know, I live in the humidity capital of America: Florida. 90% of the year the humidity is on full blast – and us girls do whatever we can to beat the frizz. I have stayed clear of Brazilian Blowouts as of yet – as I have heard too many horror stories to count. However, I am always experimenting with products which claim to reduce frizz. Last month I discovered Texture Tame sold through Dermstore, a dermatologist-backed online store carrying an assortment of cosmetic dermatology products. Founded by a board-certified dermatologist, the company became “a safe haven where customers could purchase with confidence”.

Texture Tame was hand selected by Dermstore as an alternative to a Brazilian Blowout. TextureTame is a three-piece frizz eliminating system which prevents unwanted frizz! This treatment claims to “eliminate frizz from all types of hair permanently without affecting your hair’s natural body and bounce”. Developed over the course of 6 years, this DermStore exclusive provides the first ever at-home treatment for permanently taming frizz. Free of toxins and chemicals found in typical salon treatments, TextureTame provides immediate results in the form of silky, smooth, manageable strands.

Step 1: Eliminate

The first product in this system, the eliminate, seals the hydrophilic bond within the hair shaft permanently. Translation? There are hydrophilic molecules in your hair. These when pesky molecules interact with water – they “freak out” and frizz! The eliminate formula seals these molecules – kind of like a rain coat! This formula is to be left in your hair for 30 minutes then rinse! Easy breezy.

Step 2: Moisture Lock

The moisture lock fortifies and increases elasticity in your hair to ensure it remains smooth and frizz free in humidity. Leave this products in your hair for 15 minutes then wash out. After using this product, I could instantly feel the deep conditioning in my hair! It is recommended to use this product once a week for best results.

Step 3: Finish

Finally, the finish product aids in smoothing the hair’s cuticles to preserve color and prevent heat and UV damage. This product can be used daily for a smoothing finish. Overall, I am highly impressed by the TextureTame treatment system! After using the system I noticed my hair is less frizzy after a day in the Florida humidity! If you struggle with frizzy hair or live in a clime with high humidity I highly recommend you try TextureTame! If you would like to try the system yourself, Mash Elle readers receive 25% off when clicking this link!

Have you tried TextureTame?

Thank you to DermStore for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are mine alone. 
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  1. jeanne sokolowski
    March 5, 2016 / 12:38 am

    I want to try this please!!! I have coarse hair that frizzes all year round !! my friends know it takes atleast 1 hour to blow out my shoulder length hair..

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