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Ladies and Gents! Let’s have a chat. Lately, my heart has been hurting for all the vicious cyberbullying that has been eating up the web. Today it seems nasty words are spreading faster than wildfire and it is detrimental to our generation. When did we become so mean? So ruthless? How is it nearly every single viral YouTube video out there has hundreds if not thousands of hateful words spit back and forth between users? Since when has Facebook become a platform for hurtful stabs at others? When did this become acceptable? We should be ashamed of ourselves as a society.

Thankfully a ray of sunshine beamed into my life when I received an email from Ali of The Light Blonde asking me if I want to help share her newest initiative to combat cyberbullying with a movement of kindness. The ‘Too Pretty To Act Ugly’ movement provides a reminder to treat others how we wish to be treated and to always spread love instead of hate. In honor of national bullying awareness month, this initiative reminds us we are too beautiful (inside and out!) to act ugly to others. Check out the full-length video created for the movement! Let’s stand up to acts of cyberbullying. Let’s be anti-cyberbullying. Let’s be bigger and better than that. Let us only spread the love. 

If you are being cyberbullied and/or are experiencing feelings of desperation please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to get the help you deserve. You are too loved to be in pain!

If you’d like to snag this adorable Too Pretty To Act Ugly tee and join the movement we would LOVE to have you!

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