The Must-Have Candle of The Year…

The best smelling candle in the world is Volcano from Anthropologie!

Anthropologie is notorious for their cozy chic home decor and delicate details. Anthropologie is a feel-good store. While in the store, I often find myself daydreaming about my future dream house fully decorated in Anthropologie furnishings. While in Anthropologie I habitually smell all the candles placed throughout the store. Yes, I am that girl. The fragrance I always come back to is: Volcano. I finally took the plunge and purchased one for my room. Volcano is a tropical blend of orange, lemons, limes and mountain greens. This therapeutic candle will leave your room smelling fresh, clean and tangy. 

This candle burns smoothly, keeps your room smelling fresh and the packaging is just darling! Made of soy wax and a 40 hour burning time it is the perfect candle! ‘Volcano’ is available in 6 additional jars so you can match your room’s decor perfectly!

I just found out the Volcano scent also comes in a bar soap and hand cream! Hello amazing!

Shop the ‘Volcano’ scent here:

What is your favorite candle?

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  1. July 30, 2013 / 5:28 am

    love their candles too! i always buy the voluspa line in the black tin. also, thank you for following. followed you back on GFC and Bloglovin’.


  2. July 30, 2013 / 11:08 am

    mmm I need a new scented candle in my room, that’s for sure! will have a look in anthropology this week =)

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  3. July 30, 2013 / 11:37 am

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  4. July 30, 2013 / 12:56 pm

    When I was in high school/college I used to keep a Volcano candle in my room at all times. Maybe I should bring back the tradition! I love the Bath and Body Works candles too!

  5. July 30, 2013 / 2:10 pm

    love the photography! and pretty candle. 🙂

    would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog!

  6. July 31, 2013 / 6:10 am

    I love your pics!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  7. July 31, 2013 / 3:02 pm

    I love your post. I like your blog. Maybe you can visit my blog and follow me on gfc and bloglovin.


  8. August 1, 2013 / 5:49 am

    Aren’t they simply divine? Love them

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Xo, Michelle

  9. August 1, 2013 / 5:50 am

    You won’t be disappointed!

    Xo, Michelle

  10. August 1, 2013 / 5:50 am

    You are most welcome! I am glad you visited my blog!

    Xo, Michelle

  11. August 1, 2013 / 5:51 am

    I would love to! I’ll check out your blog now!

    Xo, Michelle

  12. August 1, 2013 / 5:51 am

    No problem! And thank you, I quite enjoy them as well 🙂

    Xo, Michelle

  13. August 1, 2013 / 5:51 am

    No problem at all! Your blog is super cute.

    Xo, Michelle

  14. August 1, 2013 / 5:52 am

    I was tempted to buy the ‘M’ coffee mug as well! Next time perhaps!

    Xo, Michelle

  15. August 1, 2013 / 5:52 am

    Thank you so much!

    Xo, Michelle

  16. August 1, 2013 / 5:52 am

    Yes, she got me hooked as well. She is far too wise!

    Xo, Michelle

  17. August 1, 2013 / 5:53 am

    You must! Freshens up any room 🙂

    Xo, Michelle

  18. August 1, 2013 / 5:53 am

    You are most welcome! Thank you for the visit!

    Xo, Michelle

  19. August 1, 2013 / 5:53 am

    Will do!

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    Thank you for the introduction! 🙂

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  21. August 1, 2013 / 5:54 am

    Yes you should take a look!

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  22. August 1, 2013 / 5:56 am

    I will give your blog a look!

    Thanks for stopping by.

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  23. August 1, 2013 / 5:57 am

    Sure! 🙂

    Xo, Michelle

  24. August 1, 2013 / 5:57 am

    Thank you so much!

  25. August 1, 2013 / 5:57 am

    I’ll give it a look dear!

    Xo, Michelle

  26. August 1, 2013 / 1:27 pm

    Following back! xo

  27. August 5, 2013 / 8:52 am

    The packaging is gorgeous! I love candles, I wish they could burn forever. I haven’t tried this brand, I’m in Australia are you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it…
    I like Glasshouse Australia candles, the scents are amazing 🙂
    Another great post 🙂

    Please stop by :

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